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Business Tools Box

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  • Company Registration
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Administration
  • Compliance
  • Accounting | Report
  • Human Resources
  • Taxation
  • Service ADD-ONS




Software - Digitalisation

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  • Accounting
  • HR | Payrolls
  • Inventory | Retail POS
  • Quotation & Costing
  • Website and Apps
  • Project Specific


Business Finance

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  • Investor
  • Bank
  • Trade Finance
  • FInance Consultant
  • Finance Information
  • Government Grant

Business Resources

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  • Business Contacts
  • Contractor Contacts
  • Supplier Contacts
  • Professional Contacts
  • Business Information
  • Market Predication

How Can We Achieve Our Aim

We provide solutions using IT software and cloud base integration to increase productivity and sustainability.

Business Consultation

We service Small and Medium Company:

*New Company Set Up

*Accounting and CRM Software


*Business Reports & Reporting 

Information & Research

On News, Announcements and Informations related to Business:

*Singapore Government Agencies

*Budget, Policies, Taxation, Rebate, Incentive, Grants, Supports, Current and Future Plans.

Contact & Growth

We understand the needs to establish contact and connection while growing the business. We link and recommend various industrial business contacts to assist your growth.


Our in-house programmer can customise and create software for unique business that require different solutions in order to run a productive and sustainable operation.


World Wide Business - Start From Singapore With CAIKU

Singapore is the easiest place in the world to do business - its strategic location, robust economy, and attractive tax framework have all contributed to it topping the World Bank's global rankings for a decade. You will benefit from the excellent connectivity, skilled talent pool and strong legal system, in a country where East meets West.

Caiku provide all the basic requirements from setting up to maintaining a well recorded business transactions and reporst. You concentrate on growing you business, Caiku take care of the rest.

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